Why is the City of Sheboygan constructing a new business campus?

With only one lot undeveloped, the existing Sheboygan Business Center is near capacity.  The Common Council wants to stay competitive in the market by having shovel-ready sites for new and expanding businesses.

The SouthPointe Enterprise Campus does not connect to the existing Sheboygan Business Center, why?

The City was unable to purchase the approximately 120 acres between the Sheboygan Business Center and the new SouthPointe Enterprise Campus, therefore, the decision was made to develop the approximately 160 acres that the city could acquire.  The city’s plan is to connect the business sites in the next three to five years.

Will there be water pressure to serve incoming businesses?

The Sheboygan Water Utility is constructing a new 150,000 gallon elevated storage tower along Horizon Drive in order to provide water service and pressure for future industrial customers.

What is the property zoned?

The property is zoned suburban industrial.

Does the master plan allow for both office and heavy industrial?

Yes, the master plan includes areas of the campus to be segregated for office use and light industrial to heavy industrial.

What are the features of the park that are different than the Sheboygan Business Center?
The City during the planning stages determined that having pedestrian and bicycle access was important.  SouthPointe includes a paved bicycle/pedestrian path adjacent to the entire South Taylor Drive and will eventually connect with pathways to watch nature around the current stormwater detention ponds.
Is the park served by Shoreline Metro, the City’s public transportation service?

Once businesses start occupying the new campus, Shoreline Metro will provide service to the campus.

What type of green infrastructure is provided on the campus?

The City through its storm water management ordinance and the protective covenants encourage the use of the green infrastructure such as biofiltration ponds, rain gardens, rain barrels, solar energy, etc.

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